Oysterband’s Big Session Festival:

Following Curtis is Denmark based Neil Brophy. Neil is a man with a unique voice, versed in the traditions of English folk and Dylan-esque protest. His songs talk of a land where the Devil can be found in a whisky jar and brave honest local lads defend their jobs and homes against wicked Iron Masters.  Its great stuff, entirely predictable, and all the better for it.

Levellers Beautiful Days Festival:

Neil is known for his English/Celtic acoustic folk anthems, catchy, lively charming songs that have been going down a storm across Europe’s festivals. His charismatic stage presence oozes warmth, the songs push out the melody and the choruses are irrepressible. Flitting across the musical mores, a little folk here, a little rock there a lot of fun everywhere, he’s a real crowd pleaser.


Middlewich Festival:

So, ‘’ Neil Brophy – not only one of the ‘nice guys’ in the business but a competent performer who’s songs paint pictures. He’s your real ‘contempoary’ folkie not out of place on folk club or main stage and he’s been around a bit, seen a bit of life and sings about it because it means something to him, a genuine professional. He opened up for Nick Harper at Middlewich this year and audience wanted more. Main stage for Neil next year without a doubt.’’

                    ..........Liz Rosenfield Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival Event Organiser